David and Diane Lerma Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship is in loving memory of Mr. Pedro Lerma, Mr. and Mrs. John and Dora Nieto and in
honor of Mrs. Enelda Lerma.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the following criteria must be met:
Enroll at Palo Alto College as a part-time student (minimum 6 hours) or as a full-time student.
• Exclusive to students who are not AlamoPromise students/participants.
• Evidence of financial need is required through FAFSA or TASFA documentation.
• No specific GPA requirement.
• Priority will be granted to students meeting the following preferences.
• Submit the Alamo Colleges Common Scholarship Application to be considered

PAC - For questions and information, contact Leticia Inocencio at linocencio@alamo.edu